625 Thrash Core


Stockholm Syndrome "Death Watch"


Sixteen-song discography of this short-lived Bay Area, CA, thrash unit. Side A features an unreleased studio session from 2004 and side B contains the full recording from their debut, 2004 EP "One Way Out." Featured members that also played in Baader Brains, xIneptx, Young Offenders, Charm, and many other bands. For fans of fast, straight-forward hardcore thrash like Ripcord, Dead Nation, and DS-13. Limited edition of 540 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Death Watch
2. Tick Tock
3. Leaders
4. Exit Life
5. Saved
6. Gestapo Fallout
7. One Way (Down)
8. Cogs And Wheels
9. Closed From The Inside
10. Back And To The Left
11. Running The Circus From The Monkey Cage
12. Sold
13. Pencil Neck
14. Q: And Punks? A: And Punks.
15. Last Stop Turk Street
16. Monuments Of Life