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Spirits "Discontent"

Discontent, the debut LP by Boston hardcore quintet Spirits (ex members of Test Of Time, No Harm Done, Beartrap, Offsides, Daytrader and more), is an unrelenting 24-minute listening experience. Musically, it is a natural evolutionary step forward following the band's self-titled 7" EP and it marks the first fully cohesive release on which Spirits has carved out a niche for their own melting-pot style of punk and hardcore with dashes of outside genres also thrown in for taste. An eloquent push in lyrical themes, ranging from deeply personal and introspective notations to observations on the current social and political climate pair effortlessly with the often urgent playing style of the instrumentation to create a truly unique release.

Track Listing:

1. Discontent
2. Days Of Light
3. Life Of Fiction
4. Time Got Lost
5. Paid For Hate
6. Never Lose The Feeling
7. Searching For More
8. The Pledge
9. Inherent Greed
10. The Almighty Dollar
11. Displaced
12. Their Class War
13. The Restless Ones (No Future)