Iron Lung Records


Shit Coffins "Termination"

Formed by Bay Area, CA, vets who have made names for themselves in bands like No Statik, What Happens Next, Talk Is Poison, Look Back And Laugh, Mass Arrest, and MANY others, Shit Coffins proves that people do not lose urgency and energy with age. As the members have remained involved in punk and hardcore for decades without ever checking out, the music of Shit Coffins spews the vitriol and passion one would expect from a band who never gave up. The songs are fast, raw, and overall punk, with lyrics tackling important personal and political issues. LP includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Curated Life
2. Guilt Anger Fear
3. Termination
4. Cry: Outcry
5. Great Society
6. Continuous Pleasure Of Living
7. Benchmarks
8. Wright Kids
9. What Happens When You Die