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Shackles "Lifeless Paradise"

After the unleashing of "Forced To Regress" back in 2014, Shackles have only doubled down and intensified on all fronts. Their blast-beat sodden, grind-tinged hardcore has been forced deeper into the ear sockets of every state of Australia, via numerous tours and festival slots in 2014 and 2015, and abroad via tours in both New Zealand and Europe in 2016. Harshly stripping away any flab and consolidating the band's sound to its most primal elements "Lifeless Paradise" clocks in at a lean 17 minutes of complete unmitigated fury, hatred and despair, and further cements Shackles as one of the country's most distinct powerhouses in extreme music. 10" includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Together As None In A Lifeless Paradise
2. Lapse As One
3. Anilingus And Ascension In Rank
4. Our Species Replaced
5. Implode
6. Permanently Verging On Collapse
7. Mine To Destroy
8. Caustic Mess
9. Ravenous
10. Hoard The Rage
11. Decrepitude Awaits
12. The Scenic Route Of Horrors