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Shackles "Hatred's Reservoir"

Following an extended hiatus in the recording sphere, Shackles return to set a crushing new precedent with their latest full-length, "Hatred's Reservoir." Captured by Liam Kriz and mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording (Harms Way, Dead In The Dirt, Weekend Nachos), the band burrow further into their collective stockpile of animosity and conniption to produce what could arguably be considered the strongest of their recorded output so far. Saturated in abhorrence and hostility, "Hatred's Reservoir" bestows an absolute affirmation to the bands claim as total purveyors of all things drear and desolation in the dead zone they occupy between the realms of brutal hardcore and extreme metal. Limited edition of 600 copies. Imported from Australia.

Track Listing:

1. Hatred's Reservoir
2. Ribcage Renovation
3. Not As They Appear
4. Beneath The Mask
5. Propagandist's Demise
6. Left To Fester
7. The Discarded Sheath Of Political Aims
8. Soaking Scythes
9. Yoke Of The Ideologue
10. Idiot Automaton
11. Make Way For Malevolence
12. Collectivised Lobotomy
13. In Absence Of...