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Russian Circles "Guidance"

With their sixth album, "Guidance," Russian Circles carries on in their quest to conjure multi-dimensional, dramatic, instrumental narratives and to scout out new textures from their respective instruments. Songs aren't constructed out of highbrow concepts; they're forged out of gut instinct and base emotional response. "Guidance" continues the band's examination of the polarity of quiet and loud, complexity and simplicity, ugliness and beauty. Every Russian Circles album has had its share of new sonic vistas and "Guidance" finds the band still searching out new sounds while continuing to play to the collective strengths of guitarist Mike Sullivan, drummer Dave Turncrantz and bassist Brian Cook. Starting with the meditative restraint of album opener "Asa," "Guidance" sets off on a path of metallic savagery ("Vorel," "Calla"), arpeggio tectonics ("Mota"), mercurial anthems ("Afrika"), somber segues ("Overboard") and seismic, Americana noir ("Lisboa"). With the help of engineer/co-producer Kurt Ballou and his God City Studio, Russian Circles was able to capture this broad tonal palette and wide array of emotional motifs into a cohesive journey through the tumultuous corners of human existence. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Asa
2. Vorel
3. Mota
4. Afrika
5. Overboard
6. Calla
7. Lisboa