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Refuse Resist "Socialized"

Refuse Resist was born in a garage just north of Boston, MA with a goal to create music that they would want to listen to and sing along to. Inspired mainly by the straightforward, in-your-face music that used to be called hardcore punk in the decade of the 1980's, Refuse Resist brings back that familiar sound with current lyrics and some new hooks. For fans of Blood For Blood, Slapshot, Wisdom In Chains, The Business and Agnostic Front.

Track Listing:

1. Middle America
2. At A Dead End
3. One Life
4. Socialized
5. Comeback
6. Living In The Past
7. Bad Luck
8. Shoulda Been Aborted
9. Pick Up The Pieces
10. IRS
11. Sunday Matinee
12. What Is Right