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Reek Minds "Rabid"

As the dust finally settles on their debut 7 inch on EDGER records, REEK MINDS returns with a record that is equally punishing as it is breakneck. With speed clocking in over 120 MPH, "Rabid"holds the current land speed record for Portland, if not the rest of the west coast, with little competition in their way. With influences such as Siege, Poison Idea, No Comment and early Die Kruzen; Reek Minds takes traditional 80's USHC influences and combines them with west-coast power violence influences. Hotter-than-hot, these seven tracks usher in 2021 with fire and fury that only this band can.

Track Listing:

1. Hog Tied/Food Chain
2. False Future
3. Lines
4. Losin' It
5. Agenda
6. Rabid
7. Batons