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Poured Out "To The Point Of Death"


Poured Out is back with their debut full-length, "To The Point Of Death." Riding the wave of their self-released EP success, Poured Out comes correct with their '90s-era aggressive blend of hardcore and metalcore. A year in the making, "To The Point Of Death" builds on the "Blind Heart" EP foundation, digging deeper into the dark complexities of emotion and redemption.

Track Listing:

1. Dementia
2. Enslavement To The Substance
3. Silhouette Of Grief
4. Apathy | Nothing
5. Arrogance
6. 5-101
7. Weeping...
8. ...And Gnashing Of Teeth
9. Remember Me
10. Fear Tactics
11. Humankind Suicide
12. To The Point Of Death
13. Victim Of My Own Hate