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Poison The Well "The Opposite Of December"

Poison The Well build off of the South Florida sound that hardcore kids have come to embrace over the past few years; they make hardcore all encompassing. Imagine mixing the musical and vocal stylings from Harvest with the pure emotion that is found on a Boy Sets Fire record, and the tight and devastating clean guitar riffing of Meshuggah, and you will only begin to appreciate what Poison The Well is. Fans of all genres of hardcore/metal will adore this new album. Beautifully executed, dynamically crushing, and with a spectacular live show, Miami

Track Listing:

1. 12/23/93
2. A Wish For Wings That Work
3. Artists Rendering Of Me
4. Slice Paper Wrists
5. Nerdy
6. To Mandate Heaven
7. Not Within Arms Length
8. Mid Air Love Message
9. My Mirror No Longer Reflects