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Poison Idea "Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years - Volume 1"

This LP captures some of the earliest recordings from Poison Idea including the "Boner's Kitchen" demo from 1981, the "Darby Crash Rides Again" demo from 1982 and 10 tracks recorded live on KBOO in 1983. Now available again on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Theme (demo)
2. Poser (demo)
3. Death Pact (demo)
4. Swallow It (demo)
5. New Right (demo)
6. Give It Up (demo)
7. Give It Up (demo)
8. This Thing Called Progress/In My Headache (demo)
9. M.I.A. (demo)
10. Think Twice (demo)
11. Bounce The Rubble (demo)
12. All Right (demo)
13. Underage (demo)
14. Castration (demo)
15. Pure Hate (demo)
16. Young Lord (demo)
17. Typical (live)
18. Legalize Freedom (live)
19. Spy (live)
20. Motorhead (live)
21. (I Hate) Reggae (live)
22. Think Fast (live)
23. Ugly American (live)
24. Rich Get Richer (live)
25. Pure Hate (live)
26. Thorn In My Side (live)