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Object Of Affection "Field Of Appearances"


"Field Of Appearances" is the full-length debut from Los Angeles, CA-based band Object Of Affection, which contains members of renowned acts Fury, Death Bells, and Lock. With the inclusion of drum machines, synthesizers, acoustic guitars, and auxiliary percussion, "Field Of Appearances" highlights the band's sophisticated evolution and experimentation from previous single "Through And Through" (Suicide Squeeze) and their self-titled tape. Object Of Affection taps into the primitivism of said members' other projects while elevating their capacity for atmosphere and melody. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Half Life
2. Run Back
3. Time
4. Lay Claim
5. Buried
6. Someone
7. Is This Fate
8. Con-Man
9. Empty Eyes
10. Why Now?