Deranged Records


No Problem "Let God Sort Em Out"

No Problem have released their ambitious third studio album "Let God Sort Em Out" on Deranged Records. The Edmonton, Canada, punks welcome listeners into a frightening world of heavy riffs and nervous, gloomy, frustrated sounds. Drenched in atmosphere, No Problem has created the ultimate soundtrack to society's impending doom.

Track Listing:

1. Let God Sort Em Out
2. Get The Feeling Back
3. Isolation
4. Circling The Drain
5. No Justice No Peace
6. My Only Escape
7. Say Goodbye
8. The Eyes Of A Killer
9. Warpaint
10. Life
11. Straight Line
12. Patriots Of Jesus Christ
13. VX Gas
14. Let It Bleed Pt.II
15. Next To Die