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New Heart "Feel The Change"

Indiana straight-edge band New Heart has returned with a new vocalist, new album, and newfound sense of purpose. Taking time off, the band released a stand-alone single, "One Less Chain," and announced their new vocalist Hayden French. Taking notes from legends such as Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today, the album is a straight-edge proclamation of individuality and never backing down. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Feel The Change
3. One Less Chain
4. Cycle Of Abuse
5. Societal Sickness
6. No More Hate
7. Total Refusal
8. Midwest Rage/Break The Mold
9. Unify
10. Pave The Way (NHC)
11. Life Is At Stake
12. No Remorse II