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Naked Raygun "Jettison"


Naked Raygun's finest work came at a pivotal point in hardcore's nadir, and Chicago, IL's finest did not disappoint with "Jettison." The band is tightly wound, and whether they're ploughing straight ahead or experimenting with groove, Naked Raygun fills the air with grit and texture. "Jettison" is their masterpiece. Imported from the UK.

Track Listing:

1. Soldiers Requiem
2. When The Walls Come Down
3. Walk In Cold
4. Jettison
5. live Wire
6. The Mule
7. Coldbringer
8. Blight
9. Free Nation
10. Hammerhead
11. Ghetto Mechanic
12. Suspect Device
13. Vanilla Blue
14. The Strip (live)
15. Roller Queen (live)
16. Backlash Jack (live)