Deathwish, Inc.


Loma Prieta "I.V."

Formed in 2005, Loma Prieta has been a mainstay of the Bay Area hardcore community for more than half a decade. While Loma Prieta's sound is difficult to describe, it is clear that they come from the rich tradition of creative Bay Area hardcore bands such as Mohinder, Funeral Diner, Bread And Circuits, Yaphet Kotto and Indian Summer. Written during a time of great personal suffering and transition for the band, "I.V." is the creative culmination of those collective experiences. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Fly By Night
2. Torn Portrait
3. Reproductive
4. Trilogy 4 "Momentary"
5. Trilogy 5 "Half Cross"
6. Trilogy 6 "Forgetting"
7. Uniform
8. Uselessness
9. Aside From This Distant Shadow, There Is Nothing Left
10. Biography
11. Diamond Tooth