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Lion's Law "The Pain, The Blood, And The Sword"

If there is any album for any band that should be released on as many labels as possible, it's this one. This new album perfectly illustrates the powerhouse that Lion's Law has become and the way that they are reaching out beyond their traditional skinhead/oi comfort zone to include a much wider and diverse audience. Pick up "The Pain, The Blood, And The Sword" now and hear it for yourself - this is the real deal.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. PBS
3. The Reaper
4. Destin Criminel
5. Escape
6. Un Jour
7. Roses and Fire
8. Fidele
9. The Enemy
10. Damaged Heart
11. Sablier
12. Revenge
13. Pathfinder
14. Destined To Fall