Profound Lore Records


Left Cross "Upon Desecrated Altars"


Emerging in 2015 with a uniquely hostile brand of war-charged death metal, Virginia's Left Cross quickly established themselves as a merciless live act seemingly incapable of restraint. Forging and refining their sound over several releases, Left Cross continued their relentless assault while losing none of their murderous intent. Now veterans of countless campaigns, Left Cross returns to unleash their sophomore effort, "Upon Desecrated Altars," under the banner of Profound Lore Records. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Debellation
2. The Blood Of Mars
3. Deity Of Molten Iron
4. Burning Raids
5. Upon Desecrated Altars
6. Unbinding The Covenant
7. Inexorable March
8. Unhallowed Oaths
9. Pyramid Of Conquered Skulls
10. Celestial Wound