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Lecherous Gaze "One Fifteen"


Oakland, CA's Lecherous Gaze plays, in their own words, "Psycho-delic shred-tastic ultra-hyphened rock-punk heavy jams." ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons more concisely calls the band's sound "heavy." "One Fifteen" is the Gaze's third full-length LP and showcases the hyper-talented musicians at the peak of their power. Searing guitarist Graham Clise (Annihilation Time, Witch) sets fires with absolutely ferocious licks while vocalist Zaryan Zaidi and the band spit old-school, no-bullshit, in-your-face, maximum-impact ROCK straight into your kisser. Mean and greasy, riff-forward proto-punk is the name of the game. Produced by Greg Wilkinson (Eerie, High On Fire) at Earhammer Studios and mastered by Carl Saff (Earthless, The Shrine), "One Fifteen" is a nod to the days when being a punk meant wearing your acid washed jeans (or wearing no jeans at all), refusing to comb your hair and partying with your friends. If you thought real-deal hard rock had no future, Lecherous Gaze has returned to slap some sense into you.

Track Listing:

1. One Fifteen
2. Reptile Minds
3. Cosmos Redshift 7
4. Thing Within
5. The Day The Earth Caught Fire
6. Dark Nebula
7. Malevolent Shroud
8. Blind Swordsman
9. X City