Toxic State Records


La Misma "Negociacoes De Pas Continuae Como Fazemas Fabulas"

La Misma's previous release, 2015's "Kanizadi" LP, showed them harnessing and controlling their initial fury, utilizing Crisis' musical toolkit to transform blasts of Ultimo Resorte-styled hardcore punk into something more tense and restrained. Three years later, La Misma has dragged this formula all the way through their spiritual desert, achieving a masterful, lean tightness that is more desperate and ragged in its intensity than anything else they've yet done. Over the years La Misma has mastered their unique sound, and this venomy and reckless incarnation is their most powerful and impressive work yet.

Track Listing:

1. Um Deserto
2. O Terceiro Genero
3. Vicios
4. Inercia
5. Estado Alterado