Revelation Records


Kiss It Goodbye "Choke"

This is the final chapter for Seattle's insane, discordant, hardcore band Kiss It Goodbye, who split up in September of 1998. Shortly before the breakup, they recorded a 7" for Sub Pop Records with new guitarist Demian Johnston. The record was never released and so subsequently the band decided to release it on Revelation. Those long sought after songs have been coupled with another unreleased track the band recorded later and their "Target Practice" 7" (originally released on Revelation in October of 1997) for the CD version of "Choke". This five song CD will offer some solace to fans still mourning the loss of KIG and nightmares to others who never witnessed the horror. Kiss 'em goodbye...

Track Listing:

1. Choke
2. Cement
3. Watching Hellraiser
4. Preacher
5. Target Practice