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Jughead's Revenge "Image Is Everything"


Originally released on Nitro Records in 1996, the Jughead's Revenge "Image Is Everything" full-length has been out of print on vinyl since that original release 25 years ago. The band existed in the bubble of the skatepunk explosion of '90s Southern California that spawned contemporaries like Guttermouth, The Vandals, and the like. Imported from Canada.

Track Listing:

1. Parliament Of Whores
2. Tearing Down The World
3. Image Is Everything
4. Pain
5. Forever
6. For Once In My Life
7. The People's Pal
8. Skag Up My Ass
9. Environmental Scam
10. Your Only Dreaming
11. I Remember
12. Neuvocation
13. Hellvis
14. Inside Of You
15. One For The Bouncers
16. Play With Fire
17. Rumble At Waikiki
18. For Once In My Life (live)