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Homesick "Terra Nullius"

Filled with blisteringly raw tenacity, Homesick returns with their sophomore record, "Terra Nullius," bringing an increasingly important message and intensity to hardcore. In an era of Australian music that's lacking bands with political messages, progressive thinking, and raw emotive content, Homesick steps in to fill that void covering a multitude of powerful subject matter that ranges from political commentary to personal issues and the struggles that indigenous Australians face in modern society. Teaming up with producer Jay Maas (Verse, Defeater, Bane, The Carrier), no punches were held on this 11-track release that features the speed and melodic elements that Homesick is becoming notorious for. Vinyl version includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Free
2. Manipulated
3. You Will Never Take Me
4. Reality
5. Burdens
6. Epitaph: Part 1 (Pain)
7. Epitaph: Part 2 (Solace)
8. Nura
9. Uninhabited
10. Never Ceded
11. Edith Ann (Wanggan)