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Four Year Strong "Brain Pain"


On their fifth full-length, Massachussetts' pop-punk stalwarts Four Year Strong stick to a formula that works. There are melodic punk riffs with heavy chugging breakdowns and even some softer acoustic ballads thrown in. While the sound is familiar, the time and effort the band put into crafting "Brain Pain" is obvious, no doubt cementing the band as one of the premier bands in the genre. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. It's Cool
2. Get Out Of My Head
3. Crazy Pills
4. Talking Myself In Circles
5. Learn To Love The Lie
6. Brain Pain
7. Mouth Full Of Dirt
8. Seventeen
9. Be Good When I'm Gone
10. The Worst Part About Me
11. Usefully Useless
12. Young At Heart