Dead Broke Rekerds


Fifteen "The Choice Of A New Generation"

Dead Broke Rekerds is absolutely stoked to announce definitive reissues by Berkeley, CA-based punk band, Fifteen. In summer of 1992, the band toured the US & Canada, and recorded their second album, "The Choice Of A New Generation." Dead Broke Rekerds meticulously kept these reissues as true to the original releases as they possibly could, while the songs have taken on a new life with a 2017 remastering. LP includes digital download and is limited to 578 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Petroleum Distillation
2. The End Of The Summer
3. Separation 2
4. Communication
5. Domination = Destruction
6. Lookin' For Trouble
7. Separation 1
8. Perfection
9. Fation
10. Rejection
11. Sweet Distraction
12. The End Of The Century