Another City Records


Disappear "Burn The Ships"


Nestled in the northeast part of Indiana, Fort Wayne seems like an unlikely place to be home to a flourishing hardcore scene. Disappear is a big part of this. The band plays a heavy, metallic hardcore sound that harkens to bands such as Foundation, Inclination, and Terror, with lyrics that weave a story about veganism, straight edge, struggle, and the horrors of fighting in wars. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Thousand Year War
2. Crisis
3. Distant Shores
4. Verdict
5. Unrelenting
6. Righteous Anger
7. Fall On Proverb
8. Culprit
9. Burn
10. The Antagonist
11. The Slip
12. Cerebrum Carcerum
13. Obedience Training
14. City Scapes