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Dicks "These People"

These People was recorded after phase two of the Dicks began in San Francisco, CA in 1983 after Gary Floyd moved from Texas and found a new lineup and evolved a more punk sound while still retaining their political edge. CD version includes the three songs from the "Peace?" 7" as bonus tracks. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. The Police (Force)
2. Off-Duty Sailor
3. Executive Dive
4. Sidewalk Begging
5. Lost And Divided
6. Dead In A Motel Room
7. Cities Are Burning
8. Doctor Daddy
9. Decent And Clean
10. Legacy Of Man
11. Little Rock N' Roller
12. George Jackson
13. No Fuckin' War (CD only bonus track)
14. Nobody Asked Me (CD only bonus track)
15. I Hope You Get Drafted (CD only bonus track)