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Dicks "Kill From The Heart"

After turning heads with their first release, the "Hate The Police" 7", Austin, TX's the Dicks, fronted by the flamboyant Gary Floyd, delivered this debut full-length that mixed punk and politics reacting to Reagan-era America and conservative Texas before disbanding in 1983 and Floyd reforming the band in California. CD version includes the three songs from the "Hate The Police" 7" as bonus tracks. Vinyl version includes free download of LP plus "Hate The Police" 7".

Track Listing:

1. Anti-Klan (Part One)
2. Rich Daddy
3. No Nazi's Friend
4. Marilyn Buck
5. Kill From The Heart
6. Little Boys' Feet
7. Pigs Run Wild
8. Bourgeois Fascist Pig
9. Anti-Klan (Part Two)
10. Purple Haze
11. Right Wing/White Ring
12. Dicks Can't Swim: I. Cock Jam/II. Razor Blade Dance
13. Dicks Hate The Police (bonus track)
14. Lifetime Problems (bonus track)
15. All Night Fever (bonus track)