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Destructors "Exercise The Demons Of Youth"


Available domestically for the first time on vinyl, the debut full-length from UK82 punk band the Destructors hit the indie top 10 when originally released by Illuminated Records in 1982. This influential and popular, hardcore-punk band from Peterborough, England, started out in 1977/78. By the time they started to release records, they had fully embraced the second-wave of UK punk; the full-length takes that heavy, fast, UK82 sound and adds stronger, more infectious melodies with some post-punk elements.

Track Listing:

1. Northern Ripper
2. Orders
3. Class War
4. Breakdown
5. Overdose
6. Jail Bait
7. Societies Morons
8. Superstars
9. Control
10. Prostitute
11. Son Of Sam
12. Hillside Strangler
13. Sewage Worker
14. Born Too Late
15. Urban Terrorist
16. Death Squad II
17. Out Of Control
18. Modern Medicine