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DeeCracks "Serious Issues"


In a world doused with problems, the eternal flame that is rock 'n' roll seems to provide the medicine we all need to get us through the day. Aptly named "Serious Issues," this new album from your favorite Austrian rock 'n' rollers fills that prescription completely. We need the world to return to normal so these guys can literally bring the party to your doorstep, but in the meantime, grab a record, your favorite adult beverage, and let the party come to you.

Track Listing:

1. Desert Storm Surf
2. The Samurai Challenge
3. Get Out Of My Head
4. A Reason
5. We Can't Help It
6. The Window
7. Don't Throw It Away
8. Kill Or Cure
9. The Ambien Shake
10. Not Today
11. Wait On
12. Lost In The Middle
13. Inside Of You
14. A Night Like This
15. Another Day
16. Don't Turn Your Heart Off