TKO Records


Death Ridge Boys "Too Much Bullshit"


Formed in 2017 by Talk Is Poison's William Harris along with members of Pressing On, For The Worse, and Raw Nerves to name a few, Death Ridge Boys play a fiercely political brand of streetwise punk/oi that pays homage to the genre's roots through a decidedly modern cultural lens. On their third 12" (and TKO Records' debut), "Too Much Bullshit," they've crafted a 12-track bruiser of an album, brimming with anthemic, melodic, and unabashedly leftist oi that competes with the best current bands. Musically rooted in the timeless sounds of originators like The Business, Angelic Upstarts, and The Oppressed, "Too Much Bullshit" is heavy on the football chant and '60s-style guitar leads that give oi music the urgency and immediacy that still resonates over 30 years later.

Track Listing:

1. Not Alright
2. Robot Blues
3. Gunnin' For You
4. Rise And Fall
5. End Time Blues
6. Troubled Times
7. Too Much Bullshit (Part 1)
8. No King
9. Oh Fashy
10. Too Much Bullshit (Part 2)
11. Just Another War
12. Lights Out