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Crumbsuckers "Life Of Dreams"

1986 marked changing times in New York. Bands were crossing over into metal, youth crew was just around the corner and Crumbsuckers were in the middle of everything, recording and releasing the classic "Life Of Dreams" LP on the now-defuct Combat Core. Fast forward to 2006 and the album is set to finally see the light of day on CD format, sounding better than ever, capturing the band's intense sound, melding speed metal guitars with hardcore urgency, that could be heard regularly at CBGBs. Members of this band went on to be in Krakdown and Life Of Agony.

Track Listing:

1. Just Sit There
2. Trapped
3. Interlude
4. Super Tuesday
5. Shits Creek
6. Return To The Womb
7. The Longest War
8. Shot Down
9. Prelude Intro
10. Life Of Dreams
11. Brainwashed
12. Face Of Death
13. Hubrun
14. Bullshit Society
15. Live To Work
16. My. Hyde