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Crass "Stations Of The Crass"

The second album from British anarcho-punk legends Crass is back in print as a 2xLP. The album has been remastered by Alex Gordon and Penny Rimbaud at Abbey Road Studios as close as possible to the sound of the original release "as it was in the beginning." Now available again on vinyl. 2xLP includes digital download.<br>

Track Listing:

1. Mother Earth
2. White Punks On Hope
3. You've Got Big Hands
4. Darling
5. System
6. Big Man, Big M.A.N.
7. Hurry Up Garry
8. Fun Going On
9. Crutch Of Society
10. Heard Too Much About
11. Chairman Of The Bored
12. Tired
13. Walls
14. Upright Citizen
15. The Gasman Cometh
16. Demo(n)crats
17. Contaminational Power
18. Time Out
19. I Ain't Thick, It's Just A Trick
20. System (live)
21. Big Man, Big M.A.N. (live)
22. Banned From The Roxy (live)
23. Hurry Up Garry (live)
24. Time Out (live)
25. They've Got A Bomb (live)
26. Fight War, Not Wars (live)
27. Women (live)
28. Shaved Women (live)
29. You Pay (live)
30. Heard Too Much About (live)
31. Angels (live)
32. What A Shame (live)
33. So