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Conquest For Death "A Maelstrom Of Resentment And Remorse"


After several years in the shadows, Conquest For Death offers their first full-length slab since 2013's "Many Nations, One Underground." Breaking from their routine of haste and geographical separation, "A Maelstrom Of Resentment And Remorse" was written in Oakland, CA, over the course of several months following their East Asian tour in 2015, giving them time to fully develop and realize songs while honing sights on the short blasts of fury that have been their signature since the band was born out of an impossible idea more than a decade ago. Razor-sharp guitars have a heft that we haven't heard before from Conquest For Death and the addition of B (Scholastic Death, No Statik) on drums has turned their thrash into a battering ram. LP includes an 18" x 12" poster and a 23.5" x 33" poster. Imported from Poland.

Track Listing:

1. Blood Sport Of Gods
2. When The Glimmer Of Nostalgia Becomes The Rust Of History
3. Reconciliation Versus Retribution
4. Heard Enough, Seen Too Much
5. Idiotcalypse Now
6. It's Difficult To Taste The Tears When Your Mouth Is Full Of Blood
7. Ignoring The Small Print
8. I Tell People I Don't Know You And I Wish It Were True
9. Catacombs And Cataracts
10. A Hidden Cost, A Terrible Price
11. Having Delivered The Bomb
12. Loyal To Our Nightmare
13. Sanity Is The Tip Of The Iceberg
14. Show Me Someone Who Isn't A Hypocrite And I'll Show You A Liar
15. Revenge Of The Forgotten