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Concrete Elite "Iron Rose"

The bulldozer from Texas is back. Without a doubt the hardest of 'em all, Concrete Elite returns even stronger than ever before with their first full-length album, "Iron Rose." Delivering no filth, just pure fury, these boys take terms such as "tough as nails" and "brickwall oi" to a whole new level of aggression and brutality. With a lethal mixture of musical influences that fans of both American oi and NWOBHC would love, this Austin, TX-based powerhouse will leave you battered, bruised and left for dead on the floor with their best and most savage work to date. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Stronger Than Ever Before
2. Shes A Hammer
3. Death Drums
4. Men At Peace
5. Last Of The Gang To Die
6. Iron Rose
7. No Filth All Fury
8. Arise
9. Tryhard
10. Outro