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Coldfront "Float Around"

After three EPs recorded with Sam Guaiana (Like Pacific, Rarity, We Were Sharks), "Float Around" was recorded at Fox Sounds in Toronto with Derek Hoffman (Like Pacific, Seaway, Stick To Your Guns, Boys Night Out), as Coldfront wanted to go for a decidedly more pop-sensible and melody-driven sound. Fans of the band will still be drawn to Coldfront's airy, almost atmospheric riffs and passionate vocals, the feeling you can only get from screaming at the top of your lungs. The new record brandishes a refreshed sense of songwriting and a certain "groovability" that has become synonymous with the Coldfront brand.

Track Listing:

1. So Typical
2. Natalie
3. Everything You Want Me To Be
4. It's Hit Me
5. Shut Eyes
6. Slip
7. Float Around
8. Spit Me Out
9. Blame Me
10. Paulie