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Choke Up "Black Coffee, Bad Habits"

This Boston, MA quartet has been cracking open their former blasts of chaotic, emotional hardcore and spilling out gigantic stadium-sized songs. "Black Coffee, Bad Habits" sounds like a DIY basement band having a moment of realization on record - they are suddenly ready for the spotlight. Swinging for the fences with big production, strings and lush layered vocals, Choke Up has fleshed out their sound into an album of fully realized emotive punk anthems.

Track Listing:

1. Wildflower
2. My Oh My
3. Crosses
4. Thicket And Vine
5. Live And Die
6. Coldest Brew
7. 1301
8. Marcher
9. Polka Dots
10. Woke Up Drunk
11. KC
12. Rust
13. Dry Out