Hostage Records


Channel Three "40"


Seminal, SoCal punk legends celebrate 40 years with this epic, 27-song 2xLP. Features tracks from all of the band's prior releases, from the punk to the rock and everything in-between. Includes 28-page booklet chock full of photos, stories, and mementos from the Channel Three archives.

Track Listing:

1. Manzanar
2. I've Got A Gun
3. Wetspots
4. Mannequin
5. You Make Me Feel Cheap
6. Catholic Boy
7. Strength In Numbers
8. I Wanna Know Why
9. I'll Take My Chances
10. Separate Peace
11. I Didn't Know
12. Indian Summer
13. Airborne
14. Last Time I Drank
15. Just Hangin' Around
16. Nothing Like This
17. Gone Drinkin'
18. Just On You
19. The Fortune Is A Lie
20. One More For All My True Friends
21. Best Of Intentions
22. Scratches And Needles
23. Land Of The Free
24. Little Things
25. Put'em Up
26. Not That It Matters
27. Blackballed