Pirates Press Records


Bombshell Rocks "Generation Tranquilized"

Pirates Press Records brings you "Generation Tranquilized," a brand new full-length from Sweden's streetpunk kings Bombshell Rocks. With the original singer Marten Cedergran back on vocals, this hard-hitting and unbelievably catchy 12-song album is bound to capture tons of new fans and really reawaken lots of old ones. "Generation Tranquilized" is Vasteras' finest's fourth full-length and the first in over 10 years with the original lineup. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. One Shot
2. Poison Radio
3. Without Destination
4. Shine Some Light
5. This Time Around
6. Glow Is Fading
7. Sick Town
8. Generation Tranquilized
9. Scars And Tattoos
10. Southbound
11. New Journey
12. One Vision