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Bluebird "Black Presence"


Originally released on CD in 2002, Bluebird's "Black Presence" is a ten-part collection of hypnotic and amorphous, mostly instrumental tracks, featuring a wide range of guest musicians on largely improvised songs. The album was created from a combination of live drum and bass grooves, layered improvisation, editing, audio manipulation, and mixing. Guest musicians included Dave Catching (QOTSA, EDOM, earthlings?), Mattias Shneeberger (The Twilight Singers, The Gutter Twins, earthlings?), J. Yuenger (White Zombie), and Josh Hughes and Andrew Rothbard (Pleasure Forever, The VSS), who were also recorded live to eight-track. Now available on colored vinyl and limited to 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Black Presence (Prelude)
2. Future Burn
3. In The Presence Of Opposition, Persistence Prevails
4. Physical Education
5. Wounded Kids
6. Nocturnal Plants
7. Christmas
8. Way Beyond
9. Heaven's Dust
10. Black Presence
11. Elegy For A Friend