Beer City Records


Barkhard "Shut Up And Skate: Millennium Edition"


Beer City Records outdoes themselves again with another hard-hitting, early-'80s, hardcore/punk/skate-rock classic from the genius and insanity of legendary pro-skaters John "Tex" Gibson and Todd Prince. Back in 1984, when this originally came out, it was very hard to find because not too many copies were made. Songs about beer, skating , life, and of corse, Reagan. LP includes a 24" x 18" poster.

Track Listing:

1. I.C.B.
2. To Myself
3. Psychopathic Roach
4. Scene Ain't Dead
5. No Will Power
6. Beg Us To Stop
7. Kicked Me Out Of Hell
8. Hardcore
9. Trip
10. Bark Hard
11. Radio One
12. Reagan's Death March
13. Party Bark Hard