Beer City Records


Attitude Adjustment "Out Of Hand: Millennium Edition"


Beer City Records is proud to bring you the reissue of Attitude Adjustment's third release, the "Out Of Hand: Millennium Edition" full-length. It originally was released in 1991, but hasn't seen the light of day on vinyl again till now. Attitude Adjustment was one of the original California Bay Area, hardcore/punk bands that helped bridge the gap between hardcore and metal and kickstart the crossover movement.

Track Listing:

1. Feel My Pain
2. Power Of Control
3. I Can't Forgive
4. Bed Of Nails
5. Sab Song
6. The Truth
7. Scarred For Life
8. The Way I Am
9. There's No Doubt
10. Swastika Troops
11. Dope Fiend
12. Deceived
13. Out Of Hand