Side By Side "You're Only Young Once" - Revelation Records #5

Side By Side You're Only Young Once : 7" 1988 ------------- Test press : black vinyl 1st press : 1005 black vinyl 1012 black vinyl White labels, cover opens at the top. The two sets were pressed about a week apart so technically they are two different presses, but are in every way identical to one another so I'm just going to group them together. A number of the first pressing came with one of at least 3 different stickers. Test press : 8 black vinyl A different plant. 2nd press : 2000 black vinyl Silver labels, cover opens at the bottom. 3rd press : 2000 black vinyl Grey labels, cover opens at the top. You can tell the first press sleeve apart from the third press one by the black border that runs around the live photo on the back of the later.
You're Only Young Once : 12"
       Test press :    4 black vinyl
        1st press : 1109 black vinyl
	             100 blue vinyl
       2012 press :  550 red vinyl     
       2013 press :  547 opaque grey vinyl
       2017 press :  330 gold vinyl