Sick Of It All "s/t" - Revelation Records #3

Sick of It All s/t : 7" 1987 ------------- Test press : 8 black vinyl 45 rpm. 1st press : 1000 black vinyl Only version with original A-Side graphic (no Rev logo) and B-Side picture, numbered 1-1000 on inner sleeve, thin vinyl, red lettering on sleeve, 45rpm. 2nd press : 1000 red vinyl Numbered 1001-2000. A lot of copies from this pressing had black vinyl spots on them from the beginning/end of the run where the red wasn't completely filling the extruder and there was some black vinyl still mixed in. 3rd press : 300 black vinyl This was the Gilman St. press made exclusively for the Gilman St. record convention in northern California. Black cover writing rather than red, numbered. Some have a "Gilman Street" purple stamp beside the number, most have just the number. Test press : black vinyl 33 rpm. 4th press : 2000 black vinyl Maroon lettering, cover photo a bit closer up then the rest, 33rpm. There are two sleeves that are known to come with this press. The most common one has nothing printed on the inner portion of the sleeve, while others have catalog and ordering info printed there. How many of each sleeve is not known. Test press : 4 black vinyl 5th press : 1100 black vinyl (1997 re-press) 102 grey vinyl 6th press : 300 white vinyl, December 2001 Test press : 4 black vinyl (45 rpm original mastering) 7th press : 555 clear vinyl (Record Store Day 2010) These were pressed for Record Store Day 2010 and we used the 45rpm plates from the first pressing's mastering and some old leftover print that we had in the vault. The labels were printed using the original artwork from one of the earlier 45 rpm pressings. Here's the breakdown: 293 old fold-over covers with band name in red and old insert 150 new glued, non-glossy covers and 1997 insert 83 old fold-over covers with band name in black and old insert 29 old glued, high-gloss covers and old insert 2012 pressing : 540 black vinyl 2014 pressings : blue vinyl 2016 pressing  : 330 gold vinyl (for Conne Island 25th Anniversary, covers/inserts made by Conne Island)
    2016+ pressing  : blue vinyl
    2020 pressing: 500 translucent green
    2021 pressing: 500 bone vinyl