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Seasick Records-Birmingham, AL

Dr. Strange Records-Alta Loma, CA
Going Underground-Bakersfield, CA
Ragin Records-Fresno, CA
Programme-Fullerton, CA
Amoeba Music-Hollywood, CA
Going Underground-Los Angeles, CA
1234 Go!-Oakland, CA
Phono Select-Sacramento, CA
Thrillhouse Records-San Francisco, CA
Standards-Vista, CA

Twist And Shout-Denver, CO

Red Scroll Records-Wallingford, CT

Armageddon Shop-Boston, MA
Wanna Hear It-Watertown, MA

Celebrated Summer-Baltimore, MD

Jacks Record Stache-Flint, MI

Extreme Noise-Minneapolis, MN

Encapsulated Studios-St. Louis, MO
The Record Space-St. Louis, MO

Sorry State-Raleigh, NC

Image Distro-Buffalo, NY
Out There-Buffalo, NY
Generation Records-NY, NY

Boulevard Trash-Tulsa, OK

A Day In The Life-Lancaster, PA
Attic Record Shop-Pittsburgh, PA

Armageddon Shop-Providence, RI

Pharmacy Records-Greenville, SC
Blue Collar Records-Traveler's Rest, SC

End Of An Ear-Austin, TX
East End Barber-Houston, TX

Vinyl Conflict-Richmond, VA

Singles Going Steady-Seattle, WA


Resist Records-Sydney, Australia
Reality Records-Ghent, Belgium
Sloth-Calgary, AB, Canada
Emissions-Toronto, ON, Canada
AMC Records-France
Masked Raccoon-France
Offside Records-France
Devarishi Records-Germany
Sentient Distro-Bremen, Germany
Core Tex-Berlin, Germany
Merchpit-Dresden, Germany
Crucial Response-Germany
Cruise Records-Hamburg, Germany
Green Hell-Munster, Germany
Grind Promotions-Italy
Tidens Tiempo-Sweden
Specialist Subject-Bristol, UK
All Ages-London, UK
Juno Media-London, UK
Land of Treason-UK