Orange 9mm "s/t" - Revelation Records #31


Orange 9mm
     s/t : 12"
	1st press : 2009 black vinyl
		     300 orange vinyl
		    A little under half of the color vinyl are actually salmon 
		    color, while the rest are orange/white swirl, definitely 
		    two separate colors.  If you were to put the two different
		    colors side by side you'll easily recognize the difference.
		    If you only have one, the salmon one is opaque while the 
		    orange is slightly see-through.  The pressing plant did not
		    list them as separate so exact numbers for each are not 
      later press : 553 dark green vinyl
		      3 light green vinyl
		    A mistake by the pressing plant resulted in a green vinyl 
		    batch instead of black.  The light green ones were 
		    discovered by accident and thorough digging failed to 
		    uncover any additional copies (although they may exist).