No For An Answer "You Laugh" - Revelation Records #6

No For An Answer 
     You Laugh : 7"
       Test press :      black vinyl
	1st press :  972 black vinyl
		  : 1031 black vinyl
		    White labels, cover opens at the top.  The two sets were 
		    pressed about a week apart so technically they are two 
		    different presses, but are in every way identical to one 
		    another so I'm just going to group them together.  The 
		    first press came with both a lyric sheet as well as extra 
		    insert that has a photo of Dan's "Poison Free" tattoo.
       Test press : 8 black vinyl
		    A different pressing plant.
	2nd press : 2000 black vinyl
		    Silver labels, cover opens at the bottom.  A number were 
		    given to the band but without sleeves.  200 had sleeves 
		    made with the NFAA "I Spy" logo.  With some copies left, 
		    another 3 dozen were made with a live photo sleeve.  With 
		    still more left over, there were also copies floating 
		    around with no covers at all.
	3rd press : 2000 black vinyl
		    Grey labels, cover opens at the top.  Sleeve printed on 
		    inside w/ picture and lyrics.
No For An Answer 
     You Laugh : 7"
       Test press  :    4 black vinyl
        1st press  : 1000 black vinyl
	             The entire first press of the reissue had the labels 
        2nd press+ : black vinyl
	             Labels on correct side
  	2014 press : 548 opaque yellow vinyl
		     550 opaque grey vinyl
  	2021 press : 600 opaque red