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Ramallah "Kill A Celebrity"

RAMALLAH is the product of Rob "White Trash" Lind (BLOOD FOR BLOOD, SINNERS AND SAINTS) taking a quick snapshot of the current turmoil of the world with the angry camera of his soul. Musically, RAMALLAH blends apocalyptic metal and chorus-oriented hardcore with eerie melody to result in a potent style of aggressive music. On RAMALLAH's debut full length, "Kill A Celebrity", Rob cohesively blends the best elements of metal, hardcore, punk, and rock 'n' roll, to create a challenging, disturbing, and thoroughly convicting, epic masterpiece that is as much political and prophetic as it is personal and revealing.

Track Listing:

1. The Other Side
2. Kill A Celebrity
3. Days Of Revenge
4. Ramallah
5. Drink The Kool-Aid
6. Oscar Cotton
7. Brother Malcolm
8. The Horror And The Gag
9. Shock And Awe
10. Act Of Faith
11. Just Walk Away
12. Heart Full Of Love
13. The Other Side (Reprise)
14. A Day In The Life
15. If I Die Today
16. Bye-Bye