Revelation Records


The Twilight Transmission "The Dance of Destruction"

Veterans of the Orange County, California punk and hardcore scene, The Twilight Transmission bring the energy and vision from those roots to this rock-infused album. Their bass-heavy groove has echoes of the members' former bands Outspoken, Eleven Thirty-Four and Mean Season, so the past is still audible within a completely new sound. While it is hard to make comparisons, a case study might earn them a spot alongside either Quicksand or Helmet, with melody that is also far from typical. Singer Jae Hansel delivers screams of devastation, yet the lyrics speak to hopefulness in dark days and of better days to come. The Twilight Transmission's debut The Dance Of Destruction, demonstrates intense emotion, showing that even now rock and roll can be a cure to the stresses and pains of the everyday world. Playing fresh, innovative music is rare enough - this kind of depth and substance makes it an outright endangered species.

Track Listing:

1. Sleepers
2. Flux
3. The Flow
4. The Thirst
5. Lights Out
6. Freakshow
7. Undefeated
8. Breathe Deep