Hell Minded Records


War Babies "Shameless Imbalance"


The two-piece powerhouse who coined the term "Quarantine Core" after their 2020 demo cassette (which sold out almost as quickly as it went on sale) share instrument duties which sees Mike DeLorenzo (Kill Your Idols, CR, Serpico, Sheer Terror, and Celebrity Murders) on guitar and bass, with Darren Nanos (NYC Headhunters, Born Sinnger, Survivalist, and Brain Slug) holding it down on drums and vox. A 23-song throwback to late 80s/early 90s-era thrashcore and powerviolence records such as DRI's "Dealing With It" or any Capitalist Casualties record, "Shameless Imbalance" is the result of the frustrations, challenges, and anxieties provided by one of the worst times in American history. It's a sonic reflection of feelings of anger and resentment to a callous and unconcerned governing body, and it's pathetically cultish followers. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Legal Genocide
2. March Of The Mindless
3. Buckle Down
4. Bully To Bluey
5. Lead Down The Wrong Path
6. Feelin' Fine
7. Last Clean Shirt
8. Life After The Boom
9. The Great Exodus
10. Universal Balance
11. Enough About Me, Let's Talk About Me
12. Celexa Serenade
13. Suckers, Losers
14. Fuck Your Lil' Flag
15. Shameless Imbalance
16. Keep Your Policies Out Of Our Parts
17. A Long Line
18. The Union Of The Weak
19. Serial Shithead
20. Numb To The Pain
21. Build The Foundation
22. Some Press Is Bad Press
23. Down Below